Our mission is to provide high quality education focusing on critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills, a lifelong passion for learning, which is enriched with purposeful and deliberate experience to make our students academically efficient, morally responsible and socially mature, technologically well equipped and physically fit who potentially become productive citizen of the world.


To be a center for quality education in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa


Responsibility Accountability Innovation and creativity


Intelligence with character

Pre school

At Bonafide School Pre-school Facility we acknowledge that children learn best through first hand experience in relation to themselves, their senses and the world around them. For this reason, we have designed the standard learning areas with specific approach of teaching. This approach is based on the concept that powerful learning is built upon harnessing children’s natural curiosity in ways that help them to develop new skills and understanding in context with their environment. This ensures children have access to the pre-school friendly curriculum through exploratory learning. Our fundamental ethos is to spark imagination and provide a multi sensory approach to teaching and learning. The programme provides a firm foundation for transition to the National Curriculum for Ethiopia , which children move to in Grade1.

Focus On Amharic and English Phonics

We focus on phonics acquisition at Nursery Stage as a key strategy to support children in their journey to become confident in reading and writing. Systematically designed phonics is a highly effective and proven method of teaching children to read and our phonics programme provides a firm foundation for the development of key literacy skills.

Using Outdoor Play To Extend Classroom Learning

The benefit of Bonafide School Pre-school classrooms design allows our children to play outdoor game area where children can naturally extend their learning to the outdoors using a wide variety of resources and equipment.